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Here you can find latest news and developments on various issues of interest for NRI community like news on new flights, money transfer, cheap phone calls to India.
Live Gurbani Kirtan from Golden Temple Amritsar is available courtesy of SGPC. There is a continuous singing of Gurbani Kirtan (hymns) at Sri Harimandir Sahib(Golden Temple) from the opening of its portals (doors) to their closing.
Collection of printabe Gurbani Shabads. Downloadable PDF version of nitnem banis in english/roman script. Youtube videos of shabads sung by various raagis. Info on local gurdwara. Also find various articles on Sikh awareness and Sikh history.
In this section we will try to remember our roots, Punjab, Punjabi, punjabiat may not be necessary to define a Sikh as a whole but it has played a big part in the development of Sikhism and defines, reflects upon large part of it.
Awareness of Sikh Identity is very important for us. Can you help in that by contributing articles for this section. Login and then look for add article link at the bottom of page. Once submitted your article will appear after one of our moderator approves.
Systematic Investment Plans for: NRIs - Non Resident Indians. PIOs - Person of India Origin. OCIs - Overseas Citizen of India
Articles on travel in and around India.
Photographs highliting the Sikh Diaspora around the world and the contributions of Sikhs to world at large. Also a collection of photographs of local Sikh Sangat celebrations.
Lyrics of songs.
With the opening up of skies to private airlines by the Government of India, there is lot of competition among domestic airlines resulting in win win situation for the air travellers. Once a luxury, travelling by flights has recently captured the imagination of the burgeoning middle class in the country.

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