Raag Bhairavi

Raag Bhairavi is a very important raga in both classical and semi-classical music. As in the case of Raag Pahadi, just about any note in the octave can be used in Raag Bhairavi, but its main structure comprises the notes Sa re ga ma Pa dha ni (1 ♭2 ♭3 4 5 ♭6 ♭7) – notice that all the variable notes are flat. This gives the raga a very gentle quality. A small composition in Raag Bhairavi is often sung at the end of a long performance as a way of winding down.

Venkatesh Kumar (vocal)| Raag Bhairavi|

Raag Bhairavi| भैरवी | ड़गर चलत छेड़े श्याम सखी री |Pt Kuldeep Sagar |