Raag Durga (audav-audav)

Raag Durga uses five notes in both its ascending and descending scales, which makes it an audav-audav (i.e., pentatonic-pentatonic) raga. Again, the same notes and the same variants of those notes, Sa Re ma Pa Dha (1 2 4 5 6), are used in both the ascending and descending scales, making it a symmetric raga. To me, Raag Durga has the quality of innocence and purity, but the traditional emotion associated with it is valor. Being a relatively recent import from Carnatic (South Indian) classical music, it is not yet counted among the big Hindustani ragas, but perhaps that's just a question of time. Durga is performed from late evening to midnight.

Venkatesh Kumar (vocal) Raag Durga