Raag Miya Malhar (Malhar ang)

And now for a glimpse into Miya Malhar, the most famous of the Malhar ragas. The popularity of Miya Malhar is due to its prolific use in lighter genres including movie songs, where it is accordingly treated more lightly. In mainstream classical music, however, it is considered an extremely difficult raga to master because of the use of difficult microtones and heavy oscillations. The circuitous (vakra) nature of its phrasing also makes it quite a challenge to improvise extensively in this raga, though obvously not for the inimitable Bhimsen Joshi.

Raag Miyan Malhar | मियाँ की मल्हार | Bole Re Papihara| By Pt. Kuldeep Sagar |
Bijuri Chamke (Miya Malhar)
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