Raag Sampoorna Malkauns (Kauns ang)

Despite using so many flat notes, there is no darkness in Malkauns because of the even spacing of its notes. But replace the flat ni (♭7) with Ni (7), and you immediately add an element of tension and darkness to the scale. Chandrakauns is a new raga, created from Malkauns. Similar to Malkauns, it is performed after midnight.

Pandita Malini Rajurkar: Raga Malkuns.

The most surprising thing about her singing is the consistency of quality. Seldom a singer comes who can sing , raga after raga, so flawlessly. She never loosens her grip, her voice never falters a swar. I am writing this, keeping in mind all greats before her. She is the Rahul Dravid of Hindustani classical, not flamboyant always, but correct every time.She can be considered as THE benchmark for young singers.