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Chandigarh Flights

Flights to Chandigarh

From Duration Airlines
Jammu 1h 10m Kingfisher
Mumbai 2h 10m Kingfisher, Go Air, Jet Airways
New Delhi 0h 51m Kingfisher, Air India, Jet Lite

Chandigarh to Delhi flight schedule

Days:   Depart: Arrive: Flight Number: Airline: Remarks:
Daily 09:35 10:40 Kingfisher IT 4636 from 3-Feb-11 to 26-Mar-11
Daily 11:00 12:10 Jet Airways 2650 from 30-Oct-11 to 24-Mar-12
Daily 12:00 13:00 Jet Airways 2650 from 2-Feb-11 to 2-Feb-11
5 6 7 12:00 13:10 Jet Airways 2650 from 4-Feb-11 to 4-Feb-11
Daily 14:45 15:55 Kingfisher IT 4634 from 3-Feb-11 to 28-Feb-11
Daily 15:20 16:10 Indian Airlines IC-0863 from 22-Jan-11 to 30-Apr-11
Daily 15:25 16:25 Kingfisher IT 4638 from 3-Feb-11 to 26-Mar-11
Daily 15:30 16:30 Kingfisher IT 4638 from 27-Mar-11 to 28-Jul-11
Daily 17:25 18:10 Jet Airways 7076 from 27-Mar-11 to 29-Oct-11
Daily 17:25 18:10 JetLIte S2235 from 27-Mar-11 to 29-Oct-11
Daily 17:30 18:50 Kingfisher IT 4634 from 1-Mar-11 to 26-Mar-11
Daily 18:05 19:05 Kingfisher IT 4640 from 3-Feb-11 to 28-Feb-11
Daily 18:55 20:10 Kingfisher IT 4640 from 1-Mar-11 to 26-Mar-11

About Chandigarh

Location North India
Linking Roads National Highway 21 and 22
Significance Capital of Two States
Postal Code 160 017 GPO
ISD Code 91
STD Code 172
Web Site http://chandigarh.gov.in/
Longitude 760 47' 14 E
Latitude 300 44' 14 N
Area 114 square kms
Altitude 304 - 365 meters above MSL
Annual Rainfall 104.8 cm/yearly average (April 2004 to March 2005)
Monsoon July - September
Climate Winter (Nov-Jan) Min 4°C-14°C Summer (April-July) Max.37°C - 44°C
Villages 24 (As per 2001 census)
Population 9.6 Lacs (As per 2001 census)
Urban Population 89.77% (As per 2001 census)
Literacy Rate 81.9% (As per 2001 census)
Languages Punjabi, Hindi, English
Best Season to visit The best season to visit Chandigarh is autumn, i.e., from mid-August to November, when the weather is pleasant, neither too hot, nor too cold, prevalent Winds from the South East in Summer and from the Northwest in Winter.
Air Quality Chandigarh's ambient air quality is better than that of most other cities in the world. In Chandigarh only non polluting and power driven industries are permitted.

Average temperature in Chandigarh

The chart below shows the maximum average temperature and minimum average temperature in Chandigarh for each month of the year. As seen from the chart with 15.3 degrees of average temperature the lowest temperature in Chandigarh is usually in the month of January while 37.9 degrees average temperature makes May the hottest month.

Rainfall in Chandigarh

Following charts show the average number of days of rainfall in each month in Chandigarh as well as the average amount of rainfall for each month in Chandigarh. From the first chart you can see that with 15.4 days with rainfall, august has the most rainy days. Also 329.5 mm of total rainfall happens in the august month.

Thunder in Chandigarh

With 13.1 days September has the probability of being the month with most days with thunder.

Fog in Chandigarh

With 3.2 days February is the most foggy day in Chandigarh.

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