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Domestic Flights in India

Domestic flights in India

Domestic flights in India are very cheap these days, even Indian railways is facing the competition from the airline industry. Domestic flights are no longer the luxury available to only those with big pockets. These are fast becoming the chosen form of comfortable yet affordable way for internal travel within the country as well as for international travel.
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In June 2003, the Indian government advocated an Open Skies Policy, which was designed to encourage air travel in the country. Many domestic airlines opened their doors to the public at this time. As a result, India has in recent years been well-connected by domestic flights. Airports such as the Delhi airport, a major air travel hub, have been modernized to accommodate growing air traffic and to meet international standards. India's air traffic rates rank among the highest in the world and are predicted to double in the next five years. Here is an overview of the many airlines that fly through the country.

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Rock-bottom fares are being offered by the new breed of domestic airlines in India like GoAir, Deccan, Kingfisher and Spice Jet. This is translating into high-savings for the customer, who is making the most of this continuing fare tussle between the railways and these business-savvy domestic flights in India. This has made the Indian traveler wise in the ways of spending money on the right and ready travel option of air-travel as opposed to longer, tedious journey courtesy the Indian Railways. The advantage given to the Indian traveler by the average low-cost carrier, as it is referred to in the aviation industry, has made domestic air travel a long-desired and recently affordable reality for thousands of Indians. For business travelers and frequent fliers, the opportunity to grab the many and varied options of cheap domestic flights in India may just be a simple choice since many a time, the cost is borne by the company; however, for the average Indian, the emerging market for low-cost domestic airlines has spelt that many more holiday options with affordable traveling within India that is markedly cheap.

Many domestic airlines in India are giving option to purchase air tickets in advance on which they then provide 30, 40 percent discount on original prices. Thus, travelers on a limited budget are heavily and readily opting for these domestic airline options of no-frills, but affordable flying chances granted by cheap airfares. Don't believe it you can book or check the prices below with Yatra.com the prominent Indian online travel comapny.
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Major airlines offering domestic flights in India

Unlimited domestic travel wihin India

In most cases NRIs are on tight schedule. In such circumstances it is advisable to make use of many of the schemes that different domestic airlines provide for internal flights in India. Some of these schemes which are available to NRI/tourists are listed below:

Indian Airlines Network: Discover India - 7 Days Pass

The Discover India - 7-Day Pass is priced around USD-400. The scheme offers seven coupons for travel on domestic flights in India. Re-routing is not be permitted. Oneway or Circle Trip journey in Economy Class on all domestic flights in India of Indian Airlines/Alliance Air. Children and infants are allowed 50% and 90% discount respectively, on the fare of US-$ 400. Passengers traveling under the Discover India - 7 Days Pass Scheme are required to produce their passport for verification at the time of Ticketing and Embarkation. Both Indians Nationals and Foreign Nationals residing abroad are permitted.

Similarly Discover India – 15 Days pass for around USD 630 and
Discover India – 21 Days pass for USD 895 are also available.

Domestic flights India fares.

If you are in India as a tourist and will be exploring all the tourist destinations then Indian Airlines Wonder Fare might be of interest for your travel needs within India. It is basically a travel package that lets you travel across the major tourist attraction in India at a reasonable fare. This package is applicable throughout the year and gives you several flexible options so that you can avail it at your own convenience.It provides Economy Class unlimited travel on specified domestic flights in India. It is valid from seven days from the date of travel on the first India internal flight. Fares are around INR 15000.

Air India domestic flights India fares.

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Special deal for night fares for travel with Air India. Air India passengers can now avail of 25 per cent discount on india internal flights operated between 0800 hrs. and 2000 hrs. and 32.5 per cent discount on flights operated between 2000 hrs. and 0800 hrs.