Sangrandh Hukamnama

Sangrandh Hukamnama


Sangrand comes from the sanskrit word, Sankranti, which means the first day of each month of the solar calendar. The practice of celebrating Sangrand has been a Sikh way of life for hundreds of years and is used as an occasion to thank GOD for bestowing all his love & blessings on us in the month that has passed and pray for a happy, healthy & prosperous time in the upcoming month. In order to do this, the Baramah or calendar poems with a stanza devoted to each one of the 12 months written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Arjan Dev Ji are recited from the Guru Granth Sahib in addition to the daily ceremonial rituals. Did you know that the Nanakshahi calendar was actually developed by a Canadian Sikh? Pal Singh Purewal, a retired computer engineer started working on the Nanakshahi calendar in the 1960's in order to help Sikhs around the world create a mark of their own distinct cultural identity. It was approved & adopted by the Shiromani Gurdwaara Prabhandak Committee in 1998. Until then, the Sikh religion largely followed & depended on the Vikrami calendar of the Hindus to determine the dates for all important Sikh events. Nanakshahi calendar considers 1469 A.D. which marks the year of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birth per the Western Common Era calendar as Year 1 on its own records. Which technically means that right now, we are in Western Common Era calendar year 2012 but Nanakshahi calendar year 544. The new year 544 started on March 14, 2012. Here are the Punjabi names for all the 12 months on the Nanakshahi calendar starting from the beginning - Chet, Vaisakh, Jeth, Harh, Sawan, Bhadon, Assu, Katak, Maghar, Poh, Magh, Phagun. With your new knowledge about Sangrand and how the dates for it came to be as we know them today per the Nanakshahi calendar, let's now read the Jayth from the Baramah and pray to GOD that this month of this year brings us much peace and lots of Karha Prashad. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh :


when hukumnama posted
By gurujeetsingh on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 (CST)
kindly inform me how and when HUKUMNAMA FROM SHRI DARBAR SAHIB SHRI AMRITSIR will be posted to me daily

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Daily Hukamnama for these days will be uploaded when available: 13th February 2015, 14th February 2015, 15th February 2015, 16th February 2015, 17th February 2015, 18th February 2015, 19th February 2015, 20th February 2015, 21st February 2015, 22nd F