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Live Kirtan from Golden Temple(Darbar Sahib)

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Gurbani Live Kirtan from Golden Temple Amritsar, Sri Harmandir Sahib is available courtesy of SGPC. Live Kirtan audio from Darbar Sahib should start on its own. If not press the play button on audio player. Once Live Gurbani starts you need to keep this page open. If you like to browse rest of the site in the meanwhile you can right click on the link and choose open in new Window. Provided below are multiple sources to listen to the Gurbani live from Amritsar. You can also watch video for daily hukamnama from Darbar Sahib. You can as well try here for more Live Kirtan links from Golden temple and other Gurdwaras.

Golden Temple Amritsar

Please be aware that live Gurbani shabad kirtan is available through SGPC. Kirtan is not 24 hours but only between set timings. Unfortunately SGPC doesn't provide any Live Kirtan Video service online ; however it is our humble endeavor to provide Videos of Today's Morning Live Kirtan from Sachkhand Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar in the table below. Also live Shabad Kirtan telecast is available from some other gurdwaras as well. For example Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib Ludhiana provides live Kirtan Video streaming service on line.


Watch Hukamnama Video from Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib

Watch Today's New Katha Bhai Pinderpal Singh

Harmandir Sahib Live Kirtan Schedule

Gurbani Kirtan is sung continuously at Sri Harmandir Sahib(Golden Temple) from the opening of Darbar Sahib portals (doors) to their closing. Some minor changes are effected in the summer and winter months. The timings given below are for chet(14th march- 13th april) month. There are minor adjustments for other months. All times are in IST. After the departure of the Palki Sahib (palanquin) carrying Sri Guru Granth Sahib to Shri Akal Takhat Sahib, the devotees, accompanied by the Gurdwara staff, clean Sri Harmandir Sahib for an hour. During this process these devotees sing the Gurbani Kirtan in melodious and devotional tones. After purifying the precincts, the rugs are spread, on which the Peera Sahib (a small cot) is placed to install Sri Guru Granth Sahib early morning. At the completion of Ardas, Karah Prasad is distributed among the devotees.

Kiwad (Portals) Opening Time 2.30 a.m.
Kirtan at Amrit Vela (Early dawn) 2.30 a.m.
Asa di Var 3.30 a.m.
Departure of Palki Sahib from Sri Akal Takhat Sahib 4.30 a.m.
First Hukamnama 5.00 a.m.
First Ardas 5.15 a.m.
Asa Di War Samapti 6.30 a.m.
Second Ardas & Hukamnama 6.45 a.m.
Holy reading of Rehras Sahib starts at sunset.
Hukamnama at night 10.00 p.m.
Departure of Palki Sahib from Sri Harimandir Sahib 10.15 p.m.
Sukh-Aasan Sahib at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib 10.30 p.m

Importance Of Gurbani Kirtan

Sikh Gurus placed primary spiritual importance on the singing of Gurbani Kirtan. The purpose of the Shabad Kirtan is to eliminate the mind's ego and consciousness. Shabad Kirtan helps calm the wandering mind. Mind is all the time wandering in ceaseless flow of thought currents. By quieting it we can link back to the Divine within all of us. Consequently, the Kirtan of the God's Name is said to be the true faith in the Gurbani. Keeping oneself immersed into Gurbani Kirtan is the symptom of a true devotee. A true devotee involves his body, mind, and soul into Gurbani Kirtan. He makes Inner Kirtan his only Support. He lives on this Spiritual food.

In this present age of kalyuga, importance of Gurbani Kirtan is even magnified. This present age of kalyuga is the age of vices like deceit, disagreement, duplicity and hypocrisy. According to the Shabad Gurbani, the practical and best suited means of Self-realization in this age is through meditation on the God's Name. The reason is that people in Kal Yuga are not self-controlled and are easily disturbed by various anxieties.

Music and Gurbani Kirtan

The poetry of Sri Guru Granth Sahib is worthy of the highest consideration. Gurbani texts present the teachings of the Gurus and a large number of it was composed simultaneously with the music. Music forms the basis of the rhythms and is also the basis on which much of the Gurbani is classified in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This music follow a definite metrical system called raags. A raag in Indian classical music means a pattern of melodic notes. This form is not only used to preserve the originality of the composition, as the poetry written in this form is difficult to imitate, but more so to provide the divine experience through the medium of music and the sounds of God’s creation. The total number of ragas used in Sri Guru Granth Sahib is 31. The gurus themselves invented some of these. Under each Raag, the hymns are arranged in different meters as Chaupadas and Ashtapadas; long poems include Chhands, Vars, and Bhagat verses.

You can find a collection of Shabads sung in each of these 31 ragas here.

Out of live kirtan timings,you can listen Golden temple Live Kirtan Recordings here.

You will find Rare Mp3 files of asa di var here.

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A small trivia: Most of the listeners to this page visit from (in order from most to least) - India, Canada, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Malaysia and Spain. You don't need passport or Visa to listen to live Gurbani. Live Kirtan is your Visa to find the truth.

Use this world time link to look at current time around the world to have an estimate of Shabad Kirtan timings.

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