Common Folk Songs

Some common folk songs like : Teean,
Bolian, Suhaag, Sitthnian and Geet in roman with traslation.

Some Common Folk Songs



Uchian nivian tahlian vich gujri wali peeng ve mahia,

Hanian ve vich gujri wali peeng ve mahia,

Kothe upar kothra, heth vage darya ve mahia,

Mein darya de machhli ve, koi bagla ban ke aa ve mahia.

Kothe upar kothra, heth vage darya ve mahia,

Merian gharhde jhanjran, meri bhabi da gharh de har ve mahia.

Uchian nivian tahlian vich gujri wali peeng ve mahia,

Jhoote jhootende do jane, gujri wali peeng ve mahia.


Among big and small shisham trees, there is milkmaid’s swing O’ my husband

O’ my companion, there is a milkmaid’s swing, O’ my husband,

A room above the room, the river is flowing under it, O’ my husband

I am the fish of the river, come as a crane, O’ my husband.

A room above the room, a gold-smith resides there, O’ my husband,

Get my anklets and necklace of my sister-in-law be made, O’ my husband.

Amongh big and small shisham trees, there is a milkmaid’s swing, O my husband

Swinging is done by two, milk-maid’s swing, O’ my husband.


1.         Ghugi boldi subha de vele,

            Saien tera nam japdi.

2.         Gaj tut gaya darji da,

            Dunia te ki khatna, chan mil gya marji da.

3.         Gaj tut gaya darji da,

            Sas bhavien pit ke mare, kam karna ey marji da.

4.         Loh charh tapai hoi ey,

            Khasma nu khan rotian, chithi mahiey di aayee hoi ey.

5.         Kot kilee utte tangia karo,

            Kamlio ve mapio dhian soch ke mangia karo.


1.         The dove chirps in the morning,

            O’ God it sings in your praise.

2.         The measuring tape of a tailor has broken,

            What I am to get from the world when I have got a husband of my choice.

3.         The measuring tape of a tailor has broken, I am to act on my will, though the
            mother-in law may go on crying.

4.         Bake-iron is hot,

            Chappatis may o to the hell, I have got a letter from my husband.

5.         Hang the coat on the peg,

            O’ humble parents, engage your daughters with care.


1.         Barien barsee khatan gaya see, khat ke lyande chhole,

            Jamnoo di gitak jiha, mere sahmne dhara dhar bole………

2.         Uche tibe mein bhande manja, uppron gir gaya gilas,

            Hun kion rondi ein, jija ley gaya saak.

3.         Barien barsee khatan gaya see, khat ke lyanda khes,

            Nadeeye naa vag nee mera veer gaya pardes.


1.         After spending away twelve years to make fortune,

            Only fortune worth grams was made,

            A boy who is like a seed of jaman is arguing before me…….

2.         I was cleaning my utensils on a mound, from which

            tumbler rolled down.

3.         After spending away twelve years to make fortune,

            only a khes (thick cotton cloth) was brought,

            O’ stream do not flow, because my brother has gone abroad.


Kotha kioon nivian, kotha kioon nivian,

Kothe di chhat purani, kotha sadda tan vivian.

Babal kioon nivian, babal kioon nivian,

Babal dee beti kvari, babal sadda tan nivian.

Mata kioon rondi ey, mata kioon rondi ey.

Mata dee beti chali sahurey, mata saddi tioon rondi………


Why the roof gave way, why the roof gave way,

The roof of the room is old that is way our room gaveway……….

Way our father felt humiliated, why our father felt humiliated,

The daughter of the father is unmarried, that is why our father felt humiliated……………

Why the mother is weeping, why the mother is weeping

The daughter of the mother is going to her in laws,

That is why, the mother is weeping……….


1.         Sadde tan vehre mudh makai da, dane tan mangda udhal gai da

            Bhathi tan tapdi nahin, bhathi tan tapdi nahin, nilajyo,

            Lajj ruhanu nahin……………..

2.         Kishan sion tan gya Ganga nahaun,

            Pehle gote gaya pataal, macchi ne pharh liya muchh da vaal

            Pher na auoonga tere darbar, bhabo charhaunga tere darban

3          Chand Singh sala sade aaya, pant liaya mang ke,

            nee naa maro murio tanhe, bobo nu aaya hut dhar ke…….


1.         In our courtyard, there is a stalk of the maize plant,

            The son of the one who has eloped with her, paramour

            Asks for parched grains,

            But the parching furnace does not beat up,

            O yu shameless, why

            Did you not feel ashamed?

2.         Kishan Singh had gone to take bath in the Ganga

            With the first dip, he plunged into deep water,

            The fish caught hold of a hair of his moustache,

            O’ fish leave it,

            I will not come in your presence again,

            But I will send my mother in your presence.

3.         Brother-in-law Chand Singh visited us,

            After borrowing a trouser.

            O girls do not taunt him, as he has come after mortgaging

            His grandmother.


Behja Billo Chhll Maar ke,

Tanga chalya ey shahr Kurali,

Paisian dee gal koi nee,

Paise lagde ne kul chaali………..



O’ Maiden, jump into my tonga,

It is going to the town of Kurali,

Don’t worry for the money,

The fare is only forty paise.

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