Gidda Dance Of Punjab

Gidda Dance: Women participate in pairs for this form of dance while singing songs and clasping their hands.
Gidha is a popular folk dance of Punjab performed by women.It is just as energetic as Bhangra the equivalent performed mostly by men. It displays feminine grace, elegance and elasticity while still being fast and energetic. Girls or women generally form a circle to start performing gidha. All of them clap their hands and sing small couplets or boliyan. Then, two or three of them come to the centre and perform the dance. These boliyan, or two-line poems known as couplets, cover a variety of themes such as the excesses committed by husbands and mothers-in-law. The Punjabi salwar kameez or lehenga in bright and rich colours are typically worn by women in this dance. Normally, no musical instruments are accompanied with gidha, except sometimes a dholak and provides the rhythm for the dance. Women clap to keep the rhythm. The distinctive hand-claps of the dancers is a prominent feature of this art-form.
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