Marriage Song (Sada Chirian Da Chamba Ve)

This is a popular song sung at the departure of the Doli. This is the time of separation of the girl with a heavy heart. Girl has to bid farewell to her parents and parental home, at the same time there is a subdued thrill at the prospect of her going to her husband's house.
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sada chirian da chamba ve ,

babal assan ud jana,

sadi lammi udari ve ,

babal kehrhe desh jana.

Tere mehlan de dar vich ve,

babal dola nahin langda,

Ik itt putt dewan ,

dhiye ghar ja apne.

Tere bagan de vich vich ve,

babal dola nahin langda,

Merian Kattan potrian,

dhiya ghar ja apne.

Mera chhada kasida ve,

babal das kaun kadhu?

Merian kadhan potrainm,

dhiya ghar ja apne.

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