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Punjabi Folk Songs is a project to collect folk and sufi music of Punjab and to present it online in a simple and beautiful format. Please note that this is not yet another music site. It’s a sincere effort for the revival of our folk music. I believe our land has produced a music that can make us feel the heights and depths of our soul.
Scholars of the history of India generally agree that it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and that its cradle was the soil of Punjab. Its cities were known as Mohenjodaro and Harappa and scholars sometimes refer to it as the Indus Valley civilization. It dates back to between 7000-20,000 BC.
Bhangra is a lively form of music and dance that originated in the Punjab region in Southeast Asia.As Bhangra continues to move into mainstream culture, an understanding of its history and tradition helps to appreciate it.
Punjab is very rich in terms of dance. Punjab has many types of folkal dances, among them Bhangra and Giddha being the most famous. These days, many non-Punjabis are also getting into Punjab's folkal dances.
Of all the relegions followed in punjab Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam are the major ones.
Things to know about Punjab
Some of the most memorable songs, justifying the saying "Old Is Gold".These songs have a charm and melody which can make the listeners addicted to them. Lyrics are rich in content and are very meaningful. These songs are intense in their expression and beautifully express the human emotions and feelings.
Most of the Punjabis have grown up with these evergreen wedding songs.The music and lyrics in these songs are the heart and soul of the great land of Punjab. These are universally sung at Punjabi Weddings.
Funny songs are increasingly becoming an integral part of stress management practices. These songs reduce the frustration, anxiety and anger
Surinder Kaur was an Indian singer and songwriter. She sang mainly Punjabi folk songs. She is credited for pioneering and popularising the genre.She is also known as the ‘Nightingale of Punjab’. In time her wedding songs, most notably 'Lathe di chadar', 'Suhe ve cheere valeya' and 'Kaala Doriya' became an indelible part of Punjabi culture.
Gurmeet Bawa is a well known Punjabi Folk artist. She is well known for his melodies songs. There is long list of her popular albums like Charheyan Di Nazar Buri.
Anwar Masood is a multilingual poet. He is a teacher of the Persian language, and a poet of Urdu and Punjabi. Mostly popular for his Punjabi poetry. His poetry gives the message of the original and pure culture of Punjab. The most popular of his poems are Anar Kali Diyan Shana, Aj Kee Pakaeay, Banyan, Juma Bazaar,jehlam da pul, Umree and many more.
Hazara Singh Ramta is a Punjabi folk singer, Poet and Comedian. Ramta was born in Sahiwal, Pakistan. He started his singing career in 1952 with All India Radio and HMV by broadcasting and recording his beautiful ghazals and hilarious songs.
Sufi music is a genre of music inspired by Sufism, and by the works of Sufi poets, like Rumi, Hafez, Bulleh Shah and Ghulam Farid. Qawwali is the most well known form of Sufi music, common in India and Pakistan . Sufi love songs, are often performed as ghazals and Kafi, a solo genre accompanied by percussion and harmonium, using a repertoire of songs of Sufi poets.