Your own 0844 Number

Many of you will have used 0844 numbers to make international calls at cheap rates. You dial the number for a particular country and that number has a fixed cost which then shows up in your telephone bill, so no hassles. But sometimes you call these numbers and then you are not able to connect to international number due to different reasons. You are still charged. For example calling from BT costs the 6p connection charge plus the charge for call time. There is a new service from some providers that provide you with same low rates but provide a custom number customized for the exact international landline or mobile number you wish to call. Thus with this service dialing your 0844 number will directly connect to the international number you have registered. If you are not able to connect no connection charge is taken. No long pin numbers are needed to be remembered.

How it works

You provide a landline telephone number of a friend or relative in one of the accepted countries (e.g. Brother in Australia 001234 1234 1234) and service provider will map a 0844 number (e.g. 0844 123456) to his Australian landline. You can then contact your brother from your UK landline to their Australian landline simply by calling the special 0844 number provided at ?p a minute. You can call them as many times as you like, talk for as long as you like and pass the new 0844 number to family members or friends etc.

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