Sikh Matrimonial Trends among NRIs

There was a time when sikh singles in NRI community were forced into arranged marriages by there parents. And then with time and help of local law potential brides and grooms won the battle and love

marriages became the fashion. Parents have to leave it to there children to find their parteners themselves and then give them there blessings. All was going as expected these Sikh singles were being westernised but with this westernization came its perils. The divorce rate increased.

And now internet comes into the mix.Sikhs who meet their match on the internet. Many young Sikh Singles are using the internet to woo potential partners from the same religious background. Looking for a spouse online is becoming widely accepted within the Sikh community as one of the best ways to find the right partner. Many young Sikhs are taking the online plunge. Internet dating is lot safer than physical dating. Increasing number of online sikh matrimonial sites are the proof.

Many are realising that arranged marriages seem to last longer than love marriages. Arranged marriages are the result of unification of two characters which may be based on their similar career, same interests. While going for arranged marriages the chemistry and emotion which clouds the decision is taken away. And the decision is taken solely on what will be best practically for bride and grrom. Whereas love marriages on the other hand is more to do with chemistry and emotion between two individuals who are trying to woo each other. And this may or may not last forever.

Arrange marriages through internet are even more effective than traditional arranged marriages through network of acquintances. Through internet singles can know each other without physical interaction thus they can know each others character better. Thus outer attraction is not able to affect your effort of trying to understand somebody's real inner self.

And for a sikh girl it is more of proactive approach where you can chat and understand each other over time without social inhibitions.

It seems people are realising that the internet is the best way to meet someone if you want to get married, and get to know a person inside out. You can write to someone by email, you get to know all their thoughts and feelings. You get time to  read between the lines. 

Now the downside is Marriage Visas, as the internet is not bound by national boundaries boy and girl can be from different nationalities and issues of marriage visa and such come to fore. But that is a topic for another day to discuss and what are our lawyers and solicitors there for.