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New Skype Unlimited Calling 

Skype offers 12 Months of Unlimited Skype Calls to Any Phone Within the US and Canada for a Flat Annual Rate Skype, the global Internet communications company, is now offering U.S. and Canadian consumers the new Skype Unlimited Calling plan, a paid annual subscription service that allows registered users to make 12 months of unlimited SkypeOut™ calls to any phones within the U.S. and Canada. Skype allows its users to make great quality voice and video calls over the Internet. In addition, Skype can be used to share files, send instant messages, conduct conference calls, and more. The Skype Unlimited Calling plan is available for a flat rate of $29.95 per year. People who sign up for the new plan before January 31, 2007 will receive a special discounted introductory rate of $14.95 per year – 50 percent off the regular price. While Skype to Skype calls will remain free, the new Skype Unlimited Calling plan is an easier and cheaper way for our growing number of SkypeOut users to stay in touch with friends and family over any phone line. Consumers can also choose SkypeOut’s pay-per-minute offering. “The new Skype Unlimited Calling Plan is an affordable option that will save consumers hundreds of dollars compared to high rates charged by traditional phone companies,” said Don Albert, North America General Manager for Skype. “We want to give Skype customers convenient options of choosing either an unlimited calling plan with a flat annual rate and or staying with our standard pay-per-minute offering.” The new pricing plan follows Skype’s very successful promotion in which calls within the US and Canada are free until December 31, 2006, at which time the new Unlimited Calling plan takes effect. Customers who purchase the new Skype Unlimited Calling plan before January 31, 2007 will get the discounted pricing of $14.95, as well as a bonus offer of 100 minutes of SkypeOut credit for making International calls and over $50 in discount coupons for purchasing Skype-certified hardware products.