Turkmenistan Airlines Increases Its Frequency From Amritsar

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 Turkmenistan Airlines is the market leader on the UK - Birmingham and London to Amritsar Flights Route. All flights to Amritsar stopover at Ashgabat for between 90 minutes and 2 hours. There are 4 flights from Birmingham (BHX) (and from November 2010, there will be 7 flights a week) and 2 flights from London Heathrow (LHR) to Amritsar (ATQ) via Ashgabat (ASB). There is also a once weekly flight Birmingham to Delhi and London Heathrow to Delhi.

Turkmenistan normally offers the best value for money flight tickets. With a great reputation for reliability it is now a very popular airline. The service offered is very basic but it gets you to Amritsar on time, normally punctually and reliably.

Ashgabat is a modern airport and there is a bar available. Passengers normally get off and board the same aeroplane. In our experience, passengers appreciate this stop over since it gives them a bit of a break, they can stretch their legs, visit the toilet. Parents with children value the stop over because it allows the children to let off a bit of steam and run around the airport lounge. The journey time from UK to Ashgabat is around 6.5 hours with another 2.5 hour journey time from Ashgabat to Amritsar so the stop over at Ashgabat provides a convenient break.

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There is no entertainment on board so our suggestion is to take a good book or magazine to read, your mp3 player to listen to music, some activity or games for the kids or just go to sleep! Food is served in good quantity - both Indian vegetarian and Indian non vegetarian. Please make your request for your meal preference when you book your tickets with Amritsar Travel.

You do not have to reconfirm the outward date since we at Amritsar Travel will do this for you but you must reconfirm your return date. It is important to reconfirm your return flight in India at least 3 days before your return travel. If you do not, the airline is entitled to cancel your return seat.

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The details of the airline offices - addresses and telephone numbers are provided in our special Amritsar Travel wallet. You can reconfirm on the phone without visiting the offices. There are convenient offices in Amritsar, Jallandhar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Delhi. If you need to change your tickets then you must go to these airline offices. Any changes can only be made in India.

Baggage Allowance is 25 KG plus 5KG hand luggage making a total of 3OKG economy Class and 30KG plus 5KG in business class making a generous 35KG. Baggage allowance for direct flights to Ashgabat (and the passenger does not then go onto Amritsar) is different (normally 5KG less) and the terms and conditions vary.

Turkmenistan Airlines has different types of economy class tickets named after the duration of travel. Each Ticket has different terms and conditions relating to refunds, cancellation and date changes. These conditions change frequently so please check the exact terms and conditions at the time of making your payment. If you require a changeable ticket with or without charges, please state this in the COMMENTS FIELD. Other terms and conditions apply so please ask us if you have any other questions about the terms and conditions of the ticket.