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by jckaushal on Thursday, February 12, 2015 (CST)
FOR NRI PUNJABIS FREE LEGAL ADVICE IN CIVIL / CRIMINAL / HIGH COURT CASES We are one of the reputed and oldest Law Firm having head office in Chandigarh and Lawyer’s network in India’s all other major cities. We offer our clients legal solutions utilizing our broad legal expertise and negotiating skills. With our pan-India presence and on the strength of our dedicated specialized lawyers in their own fields, we are able to offer the best advice both in litigation / Criminal / Civil and in corporate matters, with less turnaround time and with enviable rates. Our lawyers are dedicated to offering legal services of the highest standard in a wide range of areas like Civil and Criminal Cases, Property Cases, Revenue Cases, Matrimonial / Divorce Cases, Insurance and MACT Cases, Consumer Cases, Rent Matters, Bank Recovery Cases, Arbitration Cases, Cases under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, Labour Law Cases, Service Matter Cases, Executions and Bank Cases on behalf of various companies, institutions and individuals and in relation to loans and financial transactions.

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