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From a non-Sikh
by lzmorgan on Thursday, January 22, 2009 (CST)

My children were home alone today, and a man came to the door. They knew not to open the door to strangers, but when he left they called me and described him. My son said "I thought he might be a terrorist. This didn't make sense to me until I got home and they added the fact that he had a "fancy cloth headress."

I asked them to describe it, and their description was generic enough that I said "let's go look online." We got to a page showing different turban styles, and they eventually identified it as an Iranian style.
As we were looking through the pictures I pointed to the Sikh turban and told my daughter "you should never open the door to a stranger, no matter what, but if you see a man wearing this exact kind of turban, he is probably a very good person." I explained to her that these turbans were worn by Sikhs who truly honored their religion and culture, and that Sikhs believed in peace and kindness and equality.

We are raising our kids in home-school and including information on a lot of religions. With Jews and Arabs fighting in Gaza and Shiites fighting Suni in Iraq, it was really nice to point to a religion and say "here are people who do not believe God wants them to be violent or have control over how others live." In these times, it was a refreshing change.

Thanks to all of you in the Sikh community, for being a good example for my kids.

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