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Hair Gifted by God...By nature !!!
by Preet kaur on Thursday, December 06, 2012 (CST)
Dear Daljeet, As you written in above lines Sikhi is all about to follow Guru Granth sahib ji...which is 101 % true, and fyi Guru Granth sahib ji teach us to be a pure (khals =khalsa) means the who is gifted by God by nature ...? that defines a simple man or women who is having all those gifts which is gifted by GOD in which includes hair also. If you think the God is right then we shuld accept what they had given or gifted to us. And in 2nd point you told that 9th Guru wait for 10th Guru for our bhesh then its all wrong..Starting from Guru Nanak Dev ji , they wear turban on head they keep all hair and on that time all people ( sikh people ) dosnt cut their hair beacoz they knws that its our body part or you can say God gift which we should RESPECT !!!! HOpe you got my points !! Thanks Preet kaur

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