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The Sikhis 5 Ks

All baptized Sikhs wear five articles of faith at all times, called the "5 Ks."

How to Wear the Sikhis "5 Ks"

All baptized Sikhs wear five articles of faith at all times, called the "5 Ks." They compose a sort of uniform, meant to bind all Sikhs to the religion's fundamental principles and traditions. They also allow every Sikh to pursue the ideal of the Sant Sipahi - the "Saint-Soldier."
.Difficulty: Moderate
Instructions.Things You'll Need:
Turban, or headscarf
Kangha (wooden comb)
Kara (iron bracelet)
Kaccha (long cotton undershorts)
Kirpan (ceremonial blade)
Gatra (kirpan strap)
Maintain uncut hair - "kesh" - at all times. Do not cut your hair or shave your beard. Cutting your hair undermines the integrity of the form that God created. You also shouldn't color your hair or pierce any part of your body. Tie your uncut hair into a knot and cover it with a turban.

Wear a wooden comb - a "kangha" - in your hair at all times. Use the kangha, which represents a clean mind, spirit and body, to comb your hair and beard. Practice good hygiene every day.

Wear an iron bracelet - a "kara" - on your (usually dominant) wrist. This bracelet represents the strength of your link to the guru and shows that your hands are at God's service.

Wear the "kaccha," especially designed, knee-length shorts The kaccha encourages self-restraint and chastity, and it is identical for men and women. Remember that premarital sex, adultery and impure thoughts are forbidden.

Carry the small ceremonial blade called a "kirpan." This blade is stored in a "gatra," a fabric holster that often attaches to the leg or hip, or is worn under the waist. The kirpan represents self-reliance and non-violence.



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