Anchal Geh Key Saad Ka

Sung By Bhai Satwinder Singh Delhi Waley

gurbani kirtan

Defender Of Faith-

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Baba Makhan Shah was said by gurus that aside of trade work he have to preach sikhi too. in the north west area of Punjab he preached sikhi, in the end time he just roam around Delhi Kashmir and Sialkot. In sialkot he made a dera in harpal nagar in district sialkot. Baba Makhan Shah died in 1674(1731 Bikrami) at Vill. Raja Harpal, Sialkot. Baba Makhan Shah Labana Dominated the stage of eventful sikh history as, Defender of Faith, Champion Of Truth and Revealter of Guru Tegh Bahadur. He was a Terror to Imposters and relentless fighter against falsehood in all spheres of life. Makhan Shah was a practical soul, powerful & Imposing in action, capable of handling labourious tasks, organization and always impatiently patient in upholding and revealing the glory and greatness of his beloved master. He was decisive and uncompromising in his conviction, inspired and creative in vision. He was submissiove & Humble before his guru. He spent all his time, money and energy under guidance and inspiration of guru, sought to remove the physical, mental and spiritual hungers of tolling and suffering humanity.

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