Bhekhari Te Raaj Karawey

Sung by Bhai Nirmal Singh Nagpuri.


"All Sikhs are commanded to take the Granth as Guru." .

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On October 20,1708, at Nanded, an historic development took place in sikh religion.The Tenth Sikh Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh conferred the Guruship to Sri Guru Granth Sahib before setting for heavenly abode.Guru Said:"All Sikhs are commanded to take the Granth as Guru."

  • Aageya bhayee Akaal kee, tabhi chalayo Panth .
  • Sabh Sikhan ko hukam hae, Guru Maneyo Granth.
  • Guru Granth Ji maneyo pargat, GuraN kee deh.
  • Jo Prabh ko milbo chaheN, khoj shabad mein le.
  • Raj karega Khalsa, aaqi rahae na koye .
  • Khwaar hoye sabh mileN-gey bachey sharan jo hoye.


"Under orders of the Immortal Being, the Panth was created. All the Sikhs are enjoined to accept the Granth Sahib as their Guru. Consider the Guru Granth Sahib as embodiment of the Gurus.Those who want to meet God, can find Him in its hymns. The pure shall rule, and impure will be no more, Those separated will unite and all the devotees shall be saved."

  • Sikh religion sincerely believes that in each of succeeding Gurus, the spirit of Guru Nanak was operating incarnated.

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