Mann Re Prabh Kee Saran Bicharo

In this gurbani sabad, Guru says :O mind, contemplate the Sanctuary of God.
Meditating on Him in remembrance, Ganika the prostitute was saved

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Bhai Nirmal Singh
Hazoori Raagi Sri Darbar Sahib
Contact: 9216398742
sorath mehlaa 9. Sorath, Ninth Mehl: man ray parabh kee saran bichaaro. O mind, contemplate the Sanctuary of God. jih simrat gankaa see uDhree taa ko jas ur Dhaaro. ||1|| rahaa-o. Meditating on Him in remembrance, Ganika the prostitute was saved; enshrine His Praises within your heart. ||1||Pause|| atal bha-i-o Dharoo-a jaa kai simran ar nirbhai pad paa-i-aa. Meditating on Him in remembrance, Dhroo became immortal, and obtained the state of fearlessness. dukh hartaa ih biDh ko su-aamee tai kaahay bisraa-i-aa. ||1|| The Lord and Master removes suffering in this way - why have you forgotten Him? ||1|| jab hee saran gahee kirpaa niDh gaj garaah tay chhootaa. As soon as the elephant took to the protective Sanctuary of the Lord, the ocean of mercy, he escaped from the crocodile. mahmaa naam kahaa la-o barna-o raam kahat banDhan tih tootaa. ||2|| How much can I describe the Glorious Praises of the Naam? Whoever chants the Lord's Name, his bonds are broken. ||2|| ajaamal paapee jag jaanay nimakh maahi nistaaraa. Ajaamal, known throughout the world as a sinner, was redeemed in an instant. naanak kahat chayt chintaaman tai bhee utreh paaraa. ||3||4|| Says Nanak, remember the Chintaamani, the jewel which fulfills all desires, and you too shall be carried across and saved. ||3||4||

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