Mittar Piarey Noo

Sung By Bhai Niranjan Singh J-waddi K-laN

gurbani kirtan

gurbani kirtan

Bhagat Jaidev

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Bhagat Jaidev was born at Kenduli, about twenty miles from Suri, in the modern district of Birbhum in Lower Bengal, India.His father was Bhoidev, a Brahman of Kanauj, and his mother Bamdevi. . Bhagat Jaidev whose 2 hymns are found in the Guru Granth Sahib is the celebrated Sanskrit poet who wrote the "Gitgovind". He became the most famous of the five distinguished poets who lived at the court of Lakshman Sen, King of Bengal, who dates from the year 1170. The five poets were called the five jewels of Lakshman Sen’s court, and so proud was the King of them that he erected a monument to preserve their names to succeeding ages. He wandered in several countries, with only a water-pot and the patched coat of a mendicant. Even pens, ink, and paper, generally so indispensable to literary men, were luxuries which he did not allow himself. Such was his determination to love nothing but God, that he would not sleep for two nights in succession under the same tree, lest he should conceive an undue preference for it and forget his Creator.

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