Tu Mera Rakha Sabhnee ThayeeN

Sung By Bhai Gagandeep Singh Amritsar


Singing Divine Songs

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The Shabd Guru is not just a collection of uplifting, inspiring words written by enlightened saints, but a vessel of the sound current - the living wisdom within all of us. By listening and experiencing this sound current we understand that those who wrote these words transcended individual identity and ego. Their words came from their unlimited exalted state of consciousness. Whenever we read, sing, chant, or listen to these songs, we connect with our own excellence and our own infinity. There is no need to deal with any external human personality in this process. It enables us to live in direct consciousness of oneness with God, experiencing no separation. Guru Nanak was a humble bearer of this Light of Truth. He opposed superstition, injustice, and hypocrisy and inspired seekers by singing divine songs which touched the hearts of the most callous listeners.

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