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Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji, Bhai Maninder Singh Ji & Bhai Jatinder Pal Singh (Sri Nagar wale) are a ragi jatha who are well known to most Sikhs globally. They have been performing kirtan from a very young age and are self-taught. Bhai Harjinder Singh is the elder brother of Bhai Maninder Singh who are exceptional both vocalist and very able harmonium player. Bhai Jatinder Singh plays the Tabla. For almost two decades the jatha has enlightened Guru-ki-sangat in all parts of the world. Bhai Sahib started his kirtan career in 1980 at Sri Nagar. He formed a jatha with his younger brother Bhai Maninder Singh and with Bhai Harnaam Singh, who is now huzuri ragi Sri Harmander Sahib, on tabla. They performed at Sri Nagar for 3 years and then came to Ludihana in 1983. There they performed at Sabji Mandi Guradwara. This was where the Sikh sagat started calling him Sri Nagar Wale. Although Bhai Sahib was not aware of this suffix to his name until one premi Sikh printed their first business card as “Bhai Harjinder Singh Sri Nagar Wale” . Bhai Sahib has over 90 albums of shabads, all with melodious music. They play a mix of both classical raga and modern raga based tunes as a three-some where Bhai Harjinder Singh is the lead vocalist with support from his younger brother. There style is slow and mallow and very conducive to Gurbani kirtan and they have huge following throughout the world and especially in India, UK, Australia, and USA. Bhai Maninder Singh now has his own jatha (group) and on a recent visit to the UK in June/July 2006, they both took part in an Atamras kirtan events where they performed as separate groups. Both brother share a very similar style of kirtan. Bhai Sahib now lives at Ludihana and his jatha is now comprised of Bhai Gagandeep Singh (plays harmonium) and Bhai Gurinder pal Singh (plays tabla). Contact Telephone: 0091 987628 2426

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