Domestic flights in UK

Domestic flights in UK are expanding faster than the international flights out of UK. One reason for increased number of domestic flights in UK is the liberlised european union rules that allow domestic airlines to fly as many routes as they like. This has allowed wider operations for domestic flights in UK while competing UK rail travel has increased in price. This has also helped holiday makers making use of cheap domestic flights within UK to explore more of UK destinations than outside country visits. Increasing number of airlines are now offering comprehensive and cheap domestic flights schedules.

British Airways and bmi are the two biggest providers of internal flights in UK. But now there are other upcoming airlines such as flybe and easyjet thet are doing plenty of domestic flights in UK. The increase in internal flights compared to ten years ago is massive. A civil aviation authority report has revealed that domestic airports in UK are growing faater than London hubs, which suggests domestic flights in UK are becoming increasingly popular compared to international flights.

One reason cited for the increasing popularity of domestic flights in UK is the trouble the rail network in UK is at the moment. Train users are experiancing fare rises that are much above inflation rate. On the other hand quality of travel is worsening. There are frequent delays, overcrowding and cancellations. Mostly those who have to get to work via train are sticking with this financial burden. Infrequent travellers are more and more converting to use air travel. With rail travel not being as convenient as it used to be, flying can result in relatively less hassle and could be kinder on the wallet.

Even road travellers are finding domestic flights enticing. People are becoming more aware of regional airports. The rising cost of petrol and diesel are making domestic flights to be better value compared with motoring. And by flying people are able to avoid motorway queues in holiday season.

Popularity of domestic flights to cities such as Birmingham, Edinburgh and Southampton are growing, as people are chosing to fly to the UK destinations rather than going by car.