A day after they were warned of a crackdown over skyrocketing fares, domestic airlines seemed to have fallen in line. Airfares on most routes were back in the R6,000-9,000 bracket on Saturday. “Tickets on the Delhi- Mumbai sector, for Saturday evening and Sunday morning, are available for R5,900 to R6,525. On the Delhi-Chennai route it’s between R6,000-7,500, Delhi- Hyderabad is available between R6,300 and R9,100 and Delhi- Kolkata is selling for around R7,100,” said Rajji Rai, president, Travel Agents Association.

The fares, Rai said, had come down drastically in the last 24- hours. “For the last two weeks, the lowest available ticket on the Delhi-Mumbai sector was priced over R17,000,” he said. “The drop in fares just shows that airlines can afford to sell tickets at lower rates and still make money. To take advantage of a difficult situation and fleece and exploit the customer is the worst crime a manufacturer or a service provider can commit,” said R Desikan of the Consumer Association of India.