Fares On The Basis Of Distance

December 04,2010.

The government on Friday rejected a submission by airlines to categorise fares on the basis of distance and warned of action if carriers hiked fares arbitrarily. The airlines’ proposed km slabs could have meant even low-cost carriers would charge over R20,000 Civil aviation minister Praful Patel said the passenger couldn’t be expected to calculate the distance between two places and airlines must provide sector- wise, category-wise and period- wise slabs. “A passenger is only concerned about the fare from point A to B,” he said. Hoping the “extraordinary” Fare hike during Diwali wouldn’t be repeated during Christmas, he said that if need be, the government would use its powers. “While the government or Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) are not in the business of regulating fares on a daily basis, we can’t be mute spectators... There can be no justification for airlines to hike fares in an this manner,” he said. “What is the reason that a ticket that costs R10,000 today costs R20,000 tomorrow?” “It’s exploitation,” said R Desikan of Consumer Association of India.