East Asean Destinations

Once upon a time Indians travelled to London and European countries like Switzerland and Paris. Now Indians have turned their eyes to the east. East Asian countries are fast becoming preferred tourist destination for many Indians. Among these countries Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hongkong are favoured destinations.

Air fares to these countries are coming lower with each passing day. For example recently Singapore Airlines announced lowest return air fare from Delhi to Honkong via Singapore. That was Rs. 11500 inclusive of airport tax. For cheap airfares, try finding air tickets from budget airlines like tiger airways, jet star Asia if you live in Asia countries. But if you're travelling from Europe or US countries, perhaps you can try Thai Airlines, Singapore airlines, Cathay Pacific.

You can also use travel agencies like Thomas Cook. They're quite good as they form travel groups on linguistic basis and each such group has a guide speaking the same language as the group does, which makes your journey even more enjoying.