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Information on hotels available in the city of Amritsar.
Best Hotels in Chandigarh
Once upon a time Indians travelled to London and European countries like Switzerland and Paris. Now Indians have turned their eyes to the east. East Asian countries are fast becoming preferred tourist destination for many Indians. Among these countries Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hongkong are favoured destinations.
Frequently asked questions about jet airways like Free baggage allowance, access charge, domestic flight information etc.
There are now many flights between India and Singapore. In addition to regular flights now even many budget airlines have joined the party.
Air India is coming up with new promotions and offers to woo customers in the new year.
Kingfisher Airline intends to offer long haul nonstop services from United States to India.
India's Domestic Flights Growth
Special Economy Fare Deals from Jet Airways
Jet Airways US Flights
Domestic flights in UK are expanding faster than the international flights out of UK. One reason for increased number of domestic flights in UK is the liberlised european union rules that allow domestic airlines to fly as many routes as they like. This has allowed wider operations for domestic flights in UK while competing UK rail travel has increased in price.
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You can avail the full benefits of a trip abroad only when you are in the pink of health. Make an entry in your diary (with an asterisk mark!) to check out your immunization/vaccination schedules before you draw up your travel itinerary.
Amritsar, the city of Golden Temple is visited by a large number of people all the year round. Amritsar gets flights from Indian as well as International cities.
Flight News
The government on Friday rejected a submission by airlines to categorise fares on the basis of distance and warned of action if carriers hiked fares arbitrarily-----
Day after they were warned of a crackdown over skyrocketing fares, domestic airlines seemed to have fallen in line. Airfares on most routes were back in the R6,000-9,000 bracket on Saturday------
Jet Airways offer concessional fares on all flights within India