Immigration To The UK As An Investor

Immigration To The UK As An Investor

The United Kingdom Government offers a number of ways to immigrate to the United Kingdom. For many high net worth individuals, the "Investor" category is the option they decide to pursue. The "Investor" category was created by the UK Government in 1994 to attract high net worth individuals and their families to immigrate to the UK by making a substantial investment in the UK. In 2004, the category was amended by the UK Government to allow certain qualified institutions to finance the investment required under the category.

UK Home Office requirements for an "Investor" visa

As an investor in the UK economy, you and your immediate family may gain permanent residence by satisfying the following five criteria: a) Have money of your own under your control in the United Kingdom amounting to no less than £1 million or b) Own personal assets which have a value exceeding £2 million, taking into account any liabilities to which you are subject (i.e. personal net worth) and have money under your control in the United Kingdom amounting to no less than £1 million, which may include money loaned to you provided that it is loaned by a financial institution regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority Intend to invest not less than £750,000 of your capital in the United Kingdom by way of United Kingdom Government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading United Kingdom registered companies (other than those principally engaged in property investment and excluding deposits with a bank, building society or other enterprise whose normal course of business includes the acceptance of deposits) Intend to make the United Kingdom your main home Are able to maintain and accommodate yourself and any dependants without taking employment (other than self employment or business) Are able to demonstrate knowledge of the English language and 'life in the UK' when you apply for permanent residence If you meet the Home Office qualifications, HSBC Private Bank (UK) Limited offers an attractive package of services designed to assist you in completing the investment requirement.


The UK Immigration Services provided by HSBC Private Bank (UK) Limited at no time guarantees the approval of your application by the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (part of the United Kingdom Home Office) and the provision of the appropriate Visa and Passport. The immigration rules for the United Kingdom may be subject to change without prior notice.