Types of Travel Insurance In India

Travel insurance policies may not cover some personal items if your baggage is lost.While in the midst of planning a trip--especially if you're doing without the assistance of a travel agent--it can be easy to forget looking into travel insurance. Travel policies can provide coverage throughout the duration of your trip for a number of unexpected events. However, it is essential that you spend some time researching your options to avoid paying for coverage you do not need.

Medical and Accidental Death
You can purchase insurance that provides coverage for medical care and accidental death during your trip. Travel insurance can cover both illnesses and emergency medical situations. According to the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner, medical evacuation insurance is designed to cover situations in which you need emergency services at a hospital or need to get to a medical facility near your home. It's important to check with your health insurance company prior to your trip; some policies provide medical coverage during your travels. In addition, be aware that some travel medical plans do not cover preexisting conditions. In cases of accidental death, insurance can provide for deaths occurring not only during the trip but also while traveling in the air or using public transport.

Damages and Losses
Before purchasing travel insurance, be sure to check your existing policies to see if property damage or loss incurred during travel is covered. Credit card companies may offer travel coverage for their members, according to Independent Traveler.


If needed, you can purchase insurance that provides for rental car damage or baggage loss. There are a few things to remember regarding these types of travel insurance. Be sure to check with your current auto insurance company to see if your policy already covers rental car loss or damage. The Washington Insurance Commissioner site also recommends that you carefully review what items are covered if your baggage is lost, stolen or damaged.

Cancellations and Delays
When unexpected events arise, you may be forced to cancel, delay or cut short your trip. Travel cancellation insurance is designed to provide coverage for unavoidable situations such as illness and death. Policies that cover travel delays can come in handy if your transportation schedule is postponed or canceled through no fault of your own, such as a flight delay. Consider purchasing travel interruption insurance if you want coverage due to travel-affecting events such as natural disasters or acts of terrorism. These types of policies can also cover personal situations such as jury duty or home damage.