How To Invest In Property And Real Estate In India

The Indian economy like any other country has faced the economic slowdown in the recent past. Otherwise the economy is booming. In fact way years back in the year 2007 the real estate returns were expected to be as high as 600% instead of a 100%!


This is because real estate has suddenly shot up and is booming. It even employs a huge labor and is getting very 'real'. Even global giants like Target, IKEA and Walmart to name a few are setting their eyes on the Indian market. It is said single are capable of owning something around 51% equity. The booming IT and ITES sector has become another entity which can add to the real estate and other investments.


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So if you are an NRI chances are that you may not like to lack behind to get your hands on this kind of sure shot investment. Although the market economy is subjected to change, yet people fall for the plan to invest in property and real-estate in India.

As an NRI you are allowed to invest in the following ways:

- The first and foremost thing is that you are entitled for opening an account.

- You can also invest in immovable property like a house.

- In addition to this you can also invest in shares, securities and can also invest in the various Indian firms and companies.


Nevertheless before you start investing your hard earned money, it is recommended that you research properly on the various investment schemes. For this you can research on the net with various agencies present online. This will help you compare and check on the best bargain for you to invest in property and real-estate in India.


Another thing that you need to remember while investing is that to go through the customer reviews of these sites. You can read the testimonials and the various success stories. This will definitely give an idea about what kind of services will be given to you after investment. Of course it is quite natural to be apprehensive about your own money. So leave no stones unturned to investigate about the investments and its returns.


 Also before investing in any scheme that you do not understand you can go ahead to take a professional help. Makes that this professional could be relied on as this the question of your money. Hiring a professional could be little expensive but being an NRI makes it difficult for you to make the most out of the available offers. But you can surely get good advice from these agents or tax consultants for better and tax free returns. Rest assured you are you best judge.

The Indian Government encourages any kind of investment by its citizen & on top of it if it's an NRI investment then there is nothing like it. This is because the central exchequer will make some additional fiscal benefits on exchanging the foreign currency into the Indian Rupee. Thus, it is not tedious for an NRI to invest in property and real-estate in India as it is appreciated by the government itself.