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Home loans or mortgage will be the biggest loan an individual will usually take in his life time. Due to the large amount of the sum even a tiny percentage point in interest rate can cause a difference of huge sums of money. This makes it a lot important to look for the best interest rates you can get for your home loan.
Whatever loan you are after in India wether it is real estate loan, flexible personal loan, cheap home loan, instant loan, auto loan, educational loans, you need to be ready to provide lot of documentation.
Lots of banks these days have special loan schemes tuned specially to the needs of NRIs. Non Resident Indians (NRI ) can take loans for building a house or for buying a plot or house in the country. Interest rates for NRI loans do not vary much from that of the Indians living in this country.
Frequently Asked Questions About Investing in India.
Insurance Plans are policies that talk to you individually and give you the most suitable options that can fit your requirement.
even if you are outside India at present, you can complete the formalities online and avail an NRI Loan.
Any Resident or Non-resident individual who is planning to buy a house in India can apply for a Home loan
Most promising sectors in India for Overseas Investment are Education, Energy & Environment, Healthcare, Infrastructure, IT & ITES and Telecom--------------
So if you are an NRI chances are that you may not like to lack behind to get your hands on this kind of sure shot investment.
To go about investing in stocks in India you need to follow some basic guidelines ------
NRIs, PIOs & OCIs can trade in Derivatives Segment out of the Rupee funds held in India on non-repatriable basis (NRO). This means they can trade futures & options in the Indian stock market.
List of indian banks,Foreign Banks and bank accounts for on line banking in India
3 Accounts needed NRO Bank Account (Non Resident Ordinary) NRO Demat Account Trading Account to exercise your ESOP
A helpful tutorial about mutual funds for NRIs (Non-Resident Indians), who want to learn about investing in India & its stock markets. This tutorial would tell you what Indian mutual funds are & how an NRI can invest in the Indian stock markets via the Indian Mutual Funds, online.
To name a few mutual funds of India to sell to NRI clients (that includes both PIO & OCI) are: Reliance HDFC UTI TATA Kotak SBI ICICI Prudential Principal - PNB Birla Sunlife
external investors and non resident Indians can easily cash into one of the variety of gold-backed investment products to hit the Indian marketplace
As the economy of India continues to grow, there is a surge of NRI’s wanting to invest or even return to India. For them, the primary worry is the Indian tax system and structure as they do not want to lose too much of the money they made abroad
The major objective of this S&P CNX Nifty3 is to give the golden opportunity to international traders/ foreign investors like FIIs to come to India for making investment in the domestic Forex trading in the country
Most non resident Indians& OCIs (Overseas citizens of India) wary of investing in Indian real estate a couple of decades ago are now applying online and checking out top ranking brokers to buy homes and properties across India
The key thing to remember in order to trade forex – it is all about risk management